I created this brand because I see the importance of getting outside in nature and exploring the beautiful world around us. With the amount technology has grown, individuals are showing less interest and drive in appreciating nature and the great beauty of the outdoors. My goal for this project is to provide a simple and accessible way for individuals to obtain the basic needs of going on a simple hike or even a complex camping trip. The customer just has to go on the Trek website and choose their level of adventure intensity and the company will send a kit to their doorstep with everything they will need to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience in the wilderness!


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The Process

 I started the process of this project by going to a place in Gainesville of my choice and using my five senses to write about my experience there. I chose to go to a boardwalk right on Paynes Prairie. This is a popular spot for many people to stop and look at the views the prairie has to offer. I went there and observed for a while, using my five senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. I wrote in my notebook a reflection of what I picked up on in that location using my senses.

After reading my reflection, I noticed that there was a problem. I was out in a beautiful and natural setting but the other people there weren’t paying attention to the beauty around them but instead were too focused on talking loudly to each other and taking photographs and snapchats. I realized that many individuals are too focused on the appearance of themselves and feel the need to “post” or have their phones/the internet wherever they go.

I came up with three ideas in which I could help solve this problem through my design skills:

Idea 1:

Creating a kit full of outdoor supplies, a sketchbook and maybe a hammock or tent. This will give individuals the inspiration to go out and use this kit either by themselves or with friends. While being outside they can use these items in this kit to keep busy and appreciate the great outdoors and bond with nature and other people without the distractions of modern society. This kit will also make outdoor supplies more accessible and will hopefully make people more willing to go outside.

Idea 2:

Electronics are a way of life in society these days. Instead of taking the phones away, use them as a tool to help individuals learn and explore outside. I had an idea of creating an app that can identify the location someone is at and gives them the opportunity to find an adventure on foot on bike, on boat etc. and gives them maps of different trails in the area and activities they could do. Individuals can collect different stamps for each park they visit. App also shows the current locations weather and tracks all places explored. A gallery is provided for photos taken on the app.

Idea 3:

Create a PSA for the importance of putting down the electronics and appreciating the beautiful natural world around us. Create mock-ups with branding and slogan to put up around the city.

I ended up deciding to work on idea one. I felt that this idea would be the most beneficial because if I could make an easier and more accessible way for individuals to obtain the basic needs for going on an outside adventure, they will actually get out there and do it more willingly. Humans naturally look for an “easy way out” so I thought if I could create a company and product that makes it easier for people to get outside and actually enjoy it, the problem I had noticed though my personal experience may decrease.