Shellebrate was made for individuals out there who love the beach, traveling and most of all seashell collecting. This travel catalog is a monthly subscription and each month the reader can learn about the destination of the month, which is a place around the world famous for its beaches and shells. There is a page about ethically collecting seashells because when advertising this product, it is important to educate the reader on the importance of conservation in the places they visit. There is also a page called the “shell shelf” where individuals can buy different seashells every month if they cannot afford a trip or just want to be able to own these shells. Finally, the last page in the catalog is step-by-step instructions on how to create the craft of the month out of the shells they buy or find. All of the shell photography in this catalog was set up, photographed and edited by myself.

I wanted to create a company and product that could give people the opportunity to travel, collect and create. Because of all of the different resources incorporated in the catalog, I hope to attract a very diverse amount of customers that would be interested in this product and maybe expand their minds to travel to Sanibel or start crafting beautiful art from seashells. The opportunities are endless.