Chris young

Christopher Young is an American country music singer and songwriter. He is a newer artist but holds true to the traditional, authentic sound of country music. He has a beautiful deep baritone voice that makes him stand out amongst the rest of the newer country artists out there. I wanted to create an old country feel for my design so the overall design of this project was inspired by old letterpress posters and the designs of older country artists’ albums because I wanted to portray a connection with Chris Young and the traditionalism of country music.

Through extensive research, I found out Chris Young is also close with his family and friends and holds true to his values. I wanted to portray his traditional, authentic music and personality in the designs for his tour.

I knew I wanted to go for an old country feel for my design. I wanted to use a wood motif for the background of the album and I wanted to use old letterpress letters to give it that “country” feel. I was able to create and manipulate a font to create a letterpress look for the letters and I used texture on the design to show “age” and authenticity. When I thought of a color palette for a country theme, I thought of browns and tans and grays. These colors also meshed well with the wood motif I used. I created a mood board full of inspirational images I used to help me design this project.


Mood board and design inspiration